Our Story

Nothing screams better than cookies when it comes to bite-sized bundles of joy. Cinookie emerged from the love and friendship that grows over a shared delicious meal - whether it be a five course meal at a fine-dining restaurant or a sneaky midnight snack in front of the fridge. It's the shared giggles, memories and laughter that emerge in the process of enjoying a really tasty bite. 

There's absolutely nothing un-tasty in the simple combination of flour, eggs, chocolate and sugar - sometimes elevated with Reese's or marshmellows to add a surprise. Surrender yourself to cosy, dreamy and blissful moments while enjoying the richly indulgent and decadent range of cookies. Cinooke's absolute cornerstone philosophy lies in flavours done well, handpicked fresh ingredients, homemade goodness and an attention to detail that can only be brought about with a real passion for cooking and sharing food. 

We hope you enjoy our range of products. We would love your honest feedback and reviews, do reach out to us at info@cinookie.com.